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Fear and Courage in the Democratic Party

New Ad Criticizes Hillary for Lacking Spine to Stand Up to Republicans

WASHINGTON, Dec. 4 - Democratic Courage, a political action committee dedicated to electing a "progressive, courageous, and winning" Democratic presidential candidate, today released its first television ad, entitled "Blowin' in the Wind." The ad is scheduled to begin airing soon in Iowa.

The spot shows Hillary Clinton surrendering in response to attacks from Rudy Giuliani about her "Baby Bonds" proposal to give every American born in the United States $5000. As Clinton backs down, the screen shows a cardboard cutout of Hillary Clinton begin to shake, until the wind blows the cutout away as Rudy Giuliani takes credit for pressuring her to drop it.

"Whenever Republicans challenge Hillary Clinton, she gets blown away," said Democratic Courage president Glenn Hurowitz. "Instead of showing strong leadership, Senator Clinton backs down in the face of attacks from Fox News or shifting polls. Whether it's beating the Republicans in 2008 or achieving the transformative change America needs, we need someone who can keep fighting even in the face of a hurricane."

Hurowitz added that the same kind of strong leadership that helps win elections is also the quality that voters are looking for in a president.

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"If Hillary Clinton can't stand up to Rudy Giuliani and the Republicans, voters are going to ask how is she going to take on corporate lobbyists - or America's enemies - in the White House," Hurowitz said.

Hurowitz added that this advertisement could have been about almost any issue.

"We decided to focus this ad on the baby bonds because Clinton's capitulation was so clear, but we had a lot of capitulations to choose from," he said. "Whether it's immigration, Iran, or trade, Clinton has a long history of surrendering to Republican pressure that she just can't seem to break out of. Even when she announces a really good policy proposal, like she did on energy and health care, she's always the last candidate to do it; that's hardly the leadership we need to make real change."

The ad can be viewed at A television ready, high resolution version can be downloaded here (contact Democratic Courage for password).

The YouTube version is available here. Hurowitz is available to discuss the ad this week.

Detailed background about the ad available herehere

CONTACT: Glenn Hurowitz, 202-552-1828; Email: glenn at democraticcourage dot com.

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