Popular Political leaders in the world

Politicians play a crucial role in the growth of any nation if they are capable and efficient of using the authority legally then the respective country will be developed very faster. In this article, we are providing the Popular movies on Politics Leaders in the world who have been serving their nations since last decades. You can watch all the movies on latest version of Movies application called Showbox.

Famous Political Leaders of 20th Century

Below we are listing out the top politicians in the world based on their visionary and capabilities.

1. Barak Obama:

Strongest Politician title is apt for the Late President of United States of America Mr. Barak Obama who was able to save the America when it was in economic crisis. His entry has given a breakthrough to American economic and also made all the people believe that they would surely do well for future of America. Barak Obama stood in the first position among all other politicians all over the world. His strategies and bold steps towards critical issues made him very popular among all the people of the USA. He always tried to bring peace by defending the terrorism of the countries like Syria and Iraq. Obama turned the American civilization in a brilliant way to enact the well developed USA on the world

2. Imran Khan

Imran Khan Niazi is one of the strongest Pakistani politicians who is well known as Imran Khan. He struggled a lot to defend the terrible laws and system of the current government in the last two years. He was a  cricketer, and his captaincy has given a Cricket World Cup in the year of 1992. Although he was a cricketer, he always wanted to change the corrupted system of the nation which made him stand in the ninth position among top 10 politicians in the

3. Vladimir Putin

Vladimir Putin is elected as second and fourth President of Russia just because of his active duties toward nation’s development. He was taken the charges of the Russian Government as President in the year of 2012 on May 7th. Since then, he has been playing a significant role to make the Russia a most dominant country all over the world. He is well known for his daring speeches, and he has participated actively to see the growth of Russia. He served the nation as President since 200 to 2008 and elected as Prime Minister for the two times 1999 to 2000 and 2008 to 2012. As well.

4. Manuel Valls

When you come to talk about French, then you just can’t leave the discussion without discussing the name Manuel Valls who is a most talented politician. He was appointed as Prime Minister of the France on 1 April of 214 since appointment; he has been performing praiseworthy operations for the growth of the nation.

5. Narendra Modi

Narendra Damodardas Modi was the former Chief Minister of Gujarat during 2001 to 2014, and he is the present Prime Minister of India. His revolutionary ideology and decisions have made him stand in the fifth position among Top 10 Most powerful politicians. Since his appointment as President of India, he was working very prominently to make the Digital India as well as staunchly defending the corruption and Terrorism. He has introduced Swatch Bharath Mission in the India to make it clean and green everywhere.

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Democratic Courage Media Moment: New York Times Op-ed Calls on Congress to Save Tropical Forests, Stop Global Warming

DEEP within Madagascar, more than 1,300 square miles of rainforest continue to breathe in carbon dioxide and breathe out oxygen every day, helping to keep the planet cool. That may not seem like a big achievement for a bunch of trees, but elsewhere around the world tropical forests like this one are being felled to make way for timber and mining operations, cattle ranches and, increasingly, sugar and palm oil plantations to fuel the world’s growing thirst for ethanol.

So how did this particular rainforest — a tropical paradise whose canopy teems with rare lemurs and serpent eagles — avoid destruction? Its survival is the fruit of one of the first experiments in carbon ranching: allowing polluters to make up for their greenhouse gas emissions by paying third world countries like Madagascar to preserve their tropical forests. Madagascar uses the money it gets from multinational corporations to safeguard the forest and pay for poverty reduction programs.

Programs like this represent the world’s best hope to save vanishing tropical forests and avert global climate catastrophe. It’s vital that the senators and representatives now racing to create new climate legislation include incentives for carbon ranching. Otherwise they will not come up with the comprehensive solution that’s needed to address the climate crisis. Despite all the attention paid to China’s industrial pollution splurge, that country’s inefficient factories, power plants and vehicles don’t contribute as much to global warming as the destruction of the world’s tropical forests does.

Reversing tropical deforestation could be surprisingly cheap and easy because it can be driven by simple economics. Right now, it’s worth more to a logging company or a peasant to convert the rainforest to stumps or soybeans than it is to leave that rainforest intact. One hectare (about 2.5 acres) of forest cleared and converted to ranchland or crops produces a piece of land worth, on average, $200 to $500. But that’s nothing compared to the value of preserving the rainforest as a sponge for carbon dioxide.

On European markets, the right to emit one ton of carbon dioxide trades today at more than $20. With each hectare of intact rainforest storing around 500 tons of carbon dioxide, that means that each hectare has a value of $10,000 as carbon dioxide storage, far more than the value of even the most productive tea or soy plantation.

As a recent World Bank report put it, “Farmers are destroying a $10,000 asset to create one worth $200.” To the farmer or agribusiness corporation, of course, that makes perfect sense, because that $10,000 is all theoretical. It can’t put food on the table or deliver dividends to shareholders.

That’s got to change — or we could see the rapid disappearance of much of the world’s remaining tropical forests and the oxygen and animal habitat they provide.

The indigenous people who make the world’s forests their home are retreating in the face of agricultural expansion. Their interactions with loggers, miners and ranchers are destroying their cultures and bringing disease to their communities. By providing powerful incentives to leave the forests intact, carbon ranching can allow these people and their cultures to survive as well.

Carbon ranching would also be a good way to bring the developing world into the effort to reduce emissions. A coalition of “rainforest nations” led by Papua New Guinea and Costa Rica has indicated it will participate in carbon ranching projects without demanding any increase in foreign aid.

Corporate polluters also like carbon ranching because conserving rainforest is often cheaper than reducing their own emissions. Some, like Mitsubishi in Madagascar, are already doing it voluntarily because they want to be seen as supporting environmental efforts and anticipate that future legislation will let them get credit for it. Crucially, support from business guarantees that the idea will get a hearing in this polluter-friendly White House.

Indeed, the Bush administration has already financed some relatively small tropical forest conservation projects — most recently forgiving $24 million of Guatemala’s debt in exchange for that country’s putting the money toward conservation. So carbon ranching may provide a rare piece of common ground for the president and Congress.

To be effective, however, any legislation must include certain safeguards. First, no polluter should be allowed a free pass on cleaning up its own industrial pollution just because it protects rainforest — saving tropical forests should be part of the climate equation, not the whole equation.

Second, if a company pays to protect a forest that for whatever reason ends up getting destroyed anyway — as the politics or economics of the tropical country change — both the company and the country should face strict financial penalties. That would provide a powerful incentive to make sure those forests stay protected.

Time is short. The world’s rainforests are shrinking. With global temperatures rising rapidly, it’s essential that Congress and President Bush act quickly before the vast forests that cool the planet disappear forever.

William Powers is the author, most recently, of “Whispering in the Giant’s Ear.” Glenn Hurowitz is working on a book about the importance of courage in Democratic Party politics.

Best Hollywood Movies on Terrorism & Terrorists

Terrorism has been bothering the world since the days of civilization and causing fear in the hearts of many people.  We are coming up with an article of the listing of the main hit movies on terrorism.

Terrorists are well-trained and committed to executing more violent acts all over the world. The main reason behind this is the faith and its relation to the civilized society. The clashes with other cultures which teach different values are also the primary reason behind this terrorism.

1. The Rock (Michael Bay, 1996)

The Rock film was released in the year of 1996 directed by Michael Bay which has remained as greatest action film till date. Th main story line of this film was to protect the San Fransico from the biological weapons. This movie is polished with action extravaganza and packed with high-intensity spectacle, explosive. When compared to his previous films, Michael Bay nailed this film with dull action sequences. The car chasing scene in San Fransisco was made extraordinary in this movie which later remained as a highlight.

2. The Spy Who Loved Me (Lewis Gilbert, 1977)

This movie was released in the year of 1977 and received well by all the movie lovers as it was plotted with action sequences well. In this movie, Agent007 should team up with a beautiful KGB agent Anya Amasova; the role was played by Barbara Bach to get to the bottom of the baffling disappearance of the missing Nuclear Submarines from the countries America, Russia, and Britain. The taking of this film remembers the James Bond movies for its artistic style and visual appearance.

3. Air Force One (Wolfgang Petersen, 1997)

This movie has more intensity starring Harrison Ford as President of the United States James Marshall. The presidential Jet Air Force was once hijacked by Russian Terrorists when he was during a trip. The rebels take the family first, and then the influential leader’s hostage threating to kill them if they don’t get the demands. Air Force One is extremely well constructed American film which was packed with non-stop action. You can watch best Telugu movies on Hostar.

4. Zero Dark Thirty (Kathryn Bigelow, 2012)

Zero Dark Thirty film was released in the year of 2012 just after two years of Osama Bin Laden death. This movie was under controversy and also grabbed the attention of most of the people. The scenes plotted in this movie were close enough to the real life incidents on Osama Bin Laden. Also, this video shows the complexity of the actions which are required for America bring to light Osama Bin Laden.

5. Team America: World Police (Trey Parker, 2004)

Team America movie was considered as audacious and offensive Blockbuster action film in the Hollywood. The main content of the film is based on hysterical commentary on the terrorism and American government. This movie was treated as the most disgraceful comedies of the 21st century.

These are the Hollywood movies you can watch on Showbox app that is based on the Terrorism; we hope you all like this article if yes please do share with your friends.